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Sediguard™ Inlet Protection Device

Do you experience these frustrations after each rain event?

• Ponding water in the streets and parking lots and NO way
to filter the water without destroying the product.
• The device you are currently using fills up or clogs so
quickly that it becomes a costly maintenance nightmare.
• Construction traffic continues to destroy the product.
• Ever have the device rip as you extract it from the inlet?

Have you have reached the point that it is better to NOT use anything rather than continue the insanity.
If this is where you are, and you are ready to GET RIGHT!

SEDIGUARDTM is the SOLUTION that will get you there!

Sediguard TM is a Patented Inlet Protection Device designed to solve those daily frustrations that continue to plague your construction sites, slow progress down and cost you money. You do not have to wish anymore that there was a product out there that would perform the way you need it to.

Would you like to see for yourself? Locate a distributor in your area. Give them a call and order a box.

sediguard features
Sediguard™ Product Features

The features and benefits of Sediguard Inlet Protection device are listed below.

• Effective BMP
• Low profile eliminates traffic and trip hazards
• Can be installed without lifting grate
• Reactivates: “Just wipe it off”
• Street sweeper safe
• One size fits multiple grates
• Power wash to extend life


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Use our distributor locator to find out about SediguardTM authorized distributors in an area near you. Also, you may contact us to get more information about the product and authorized dealers.

"The Sediguard far surpassed my expectations. It is better than anything I've ever tried in the past. It is very easy to install and does a wonderful job."

-Rifka Malik, OS Excavating

Find out about projects using the Sediguard inlet protection device. This resource will be available soon!









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